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Cookies x ISpire Daab - Dabbing Device


Next Generation All-In-One Dabbing Device.


Introducing the Daab: Our sleek enail dab kit includes the most elevated handheld dab rig on the market, and uses induction heating and custom temperature settings to keep you in control.


The Daab and its durable hard-shell carrying case make daabbing portable and user friendly. With the daab, the power is in your hands. The Daab comes paired with our patented inner cup assembly that creates a safe, easy, and reliable dabbing experience. Because your concentrate is never loaded directly into the device unlike other all-in-ones, the daab is easy to clean and sees a longer use lifespan. 



Induction Heating
Borosilicate Glass Cups
Water Chamber
Viscosity Ranges
Temperature Settings
Type-C Charging Port




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